Landor Road Flats

naganJohnson were architect and lead consultant for the design and construction of four new-build flats on a tight triangular site on Landor Road, Clapham. In the context of a challenging triangular site, naganJohson were able to design four generous sized apartments with excellent quality of light. A timber pre-fabricated structure was chosen, as a response to sustainability targets and speed of construction.

Not only was the copper clad staircase a visually attractive element of the overall design, it was a creative design response to a large step in the front building line, between the site and the adjacent property. This was a solution that helped enable the project to obtain planning permission, and is an example of naganJohnson’s design ethos of using design to provide rational solutions to context and site specific constraints. Ultimately, this design strategy led to a façade that sits appropriately within its context, as well as enhancing the overall area for local residents, visitors and business owners.

The stairwell, clad in milled copper, pleated and gently tapering out from the top is designed to reference theatrical tradition of the street with a swish of a dancers skirt or the opening of a stage curtain. This links the building directly to the Italia Conti dance studio and the Landor Theatre.

Landor Road is an example of where a well-reasoned design solution and a history of excellent relationships with local planning authorities has led to the provision of high quality housing, much needed in the area, on an otherwise difficult site. The key design feature of the sweeping copper-clad staircase has lead the local authority planning officer to submit this development for an award.