Hill Pasture

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In the late 1930s, painter and gardener Humphrey Waterfield, enlisted Gerald Flower to design a home for himself on what had originally been the village rubbish dump. Waterfield was a bachelor, and the original house was designed to suit his needs – a single storey brick and glass modernist design with a defined entrance route and long elevations. Working with Flower at the time was Erno Goldfinger, and Hill Pasture was the first known house to be designed by him.

Although the original house was single-storey, the building has been extended horizontally and vertically over the last half of a century to meet the needs of subsequent owners: the upper floor was added after the war and extended again in the 1990s by John Winter.

Internally, the result is that the original Goldfinger plans have been compromised. The kitchen was moved from the centre of the house to a double height space to the north, and the main entrance repositioned along the West elevation. The staircase leading up to the 1950s first floor addition (housing bedrooms and bathroom), is located intrusively in the centre of the kitchen. Nagan Johnson are in the process of reorganising and extending the Ground Floor.

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