Mill Street

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This project was to transform the top two floors a 2000 sq. ft warehouse dwelling in Shad Thames, London.  This remodelling included removing half of the roof and adding a glazed Winter Garden. From here two light wells were forged down to the lower floors bringing light and air into the floors below.

“…before, the flat was two open floors, with no dividing walls but for the bathrooms and utility rooms, connected by an internal staircase.  The main problems were i) the absence of light and ventilation at back where the second bedroom is now, as a result of which even if one wanted too, it would have been impractical/unhealthy to divide up the space and ii) the absence of outside space

...the brief was basically to solve these problems but maintain the sense of big open spaces and light, and at the same time upgrade to a much higher spec all round.  I didn't feel nervous. On the contrary, as soon as I saw the internal atrium idea I approved it and the rest of the plans really flowed from that. Thereafter, I pretty much left it to Mick and Deborah who obviously kept me well informed and consulted with me on design details.  I am very happy with the result.”

- Client appraisal

  • Private Client
  • Shad Thames, London
  • Private Residential