Boxwell Road

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The fully glazed rear extension to a house in Berkhamsted was the winner of Chiltern Design Awards Building of the Year 2009.

"In 2009 the overall winner was a glass and steel extension to a Victorian house in Berkhamsted. The extension encloses a courtyard and the judges were very impressed with the way it complements the main house and allows the attractive Victorian building to shine through whilst also being a beautiful structure in its own right."

- Judges Statement for Chiltern Outstanding Building of The Year, 2009.

The ambition was to gently enclose the surrounding brick courtyard, inserting a glazed room which would act as central link and alter the flow of the ground floor. An existing well in the garden was discovered and used to take water from the glass butterfly roof via a structural stainless steel gutter. The slate floor runs to the outside and up to a mirror pool.


  • Private Client
  • Berkhamstead
  • Private Residential