Wisborough Green Pavilion

Wisborough Green Pavilion - Photo 1
Wisborough Green Pavilion - Photo 2
Wisborough Green Pavilion - Photo 3
Wisborough Green Pavilion - Photo 4
Wisborough Green Pavilion - Photo 5

Wisborough Green have commissioned Nagan Johnson to design a new pavilion to provide facilities for their four main sporting clubs (Stoolball, Cricket, Touch Rugby and Football) and to serve the additional needs of the local community as a meeting room, venue and bar. The form of the building is two intersecting volumes which face the summer sports and winter sports. The primary and larger element takes its lead from the local vernacular. As a balance to this traditional form is a transparent and slender box, set at an angle to the side of the main building, and intersecting it. This part of the building has an important function in renewing and upgrading the communal facilities of the club, and would contain the bar set in the centre of the building.

The contemporary nature of this secondary element of the building will be inviting and warm – perhaps a more attractive setting in which to linger after matches. Glazing will be used extensively but the windows are to be designed to have shutters which close the building when not in use.

  • Wisborough Green Sports Association
  • Billinghurst, West Sussex
  • Community